Leadership Update


Hi, my name is Gwen Dobrowolski. Recently in my daily readings
it told of where two people, Patrick and Casey, were apart for two
years. On the reunification date cameras were ready. The two met
with hugs, kisses, and tears with so much joy. In fact, Casey was so
overjoyed she passed out.

After reading this I paused to reflect on if I ever experienced or expressed such joy. Many passages in the Bible talk of Joy. How much, and how often, am I expressing joy in my walk with the Lord?

I began recalling events that prompted joy in my heart. I know I experienced tremendous joy upon returning to Faith Church after a sabbatical. To be worshipping at Faith, praising God, making a joyful noise unto the Lord. Plus, reuniting with my friends, now that was an abundance of joy. I thought my heart might burst. The Bible tells of nights when there will be weeping, but joy will come in the morning. I wept many nights as a child while I was l living through eleven years of physical and emotional abuse. I thank God for sending someone who helped me leave that situation at the age of sixteen. Was there now joy in my mornings? You betcha! I was free, thank God Almighty, I was free at last.

Soon after leaving home, I was baptized at a local church. There was joy. Well actually, I had mixed feelings as I couldn’t swim and was fearful of drowning. But I felt so joyful during and after my baptism that I believed if I was going to meet God, I was ready!

Further along in my life I heard God calling me to share joy to children who were weeping in the night. God made it possible for me to attend college and become a Children Protective Service Worker; to be allowed to serve as a CPS worker and improve children’s lives. Whew! What a privilege! God watched over me through my weeping nights and brought me through my struggles so I could carry out His divine plan for me with joy and honor.

I believe God wants me to continually spread joy or laughter to others as he has blessed me, among other things, with a sense of humor. We need to be able to laugh and express joy. Sometimes people ask me why am I so happy or joyful? It’s because, well, how could I not be as I know my God is blessing me daily!

In our courtship, my husband expressed an interest to know me better. He said he could see the love of God and love of people in my face. I hope I carry that look until my last day. Every morning on the way to the kitchen for my coffee, I see in passing the letters on the wall spelling, “JOY.” It reminds me to continue praising God every day. And if that doesn’t do it, I have a sign next to my coffee pot which says, “In the morning when I rise, bring me Jesus and my coffee.” Amen to that!

By the way, the previously mentioned Casey was a Schnauzer. So, my thinking is if a little dog can pass out due to being so overjoyed, why can’t we be so outrageously overjoyed with what the Lord has done and continues to do, that we may pass out! And if we don’t pass out, can we at least have our hearts feel like they are bursting?

Finally, have I ever passed out due to so much joy?

No, but I am working on it.

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