Don't be different alone! Join us at One27 Student Ministries because life is better together! At One27, we're committed to helping you get connected and to build meaningful friendships. It can be hard to connect with others in life. Significant relationships don’t just happen; they take a lot of work. Here are a few ideas to help you build stronger relationships in your life, get connected at One27 Student Ministries, and become a part of Faith Church.

Come To Church

Consistency is a great way to get connected at One27. Therefore, we encourage you to make the commitment to come to every weekly gathering and weekend service when you can. We know it’s tough! There’s always a reason not to come to church. But if you show up every week, two things will happen: 1) You’ll be in the loop with upcoming events and happenings, and 2) you’ll have a greater chance to meet someone and make a personal connection. Show up and be encouraged spiritually and get connected relationally.

Small Groups

Be active in the small group you are a part of! Small groups are a great way to get to know each other and to influence each other in positive ways. Allow those in your group to grow close to you, and be open to doing the same for others. We all crave close friendships, so let them happen through small groups!

Build Friendships

 We connect to people, not programs. Programs create a great opportunity to meet others and build friendships. Programs can set the stage for friendships, but only individuals can truly make it happen. You don’t need a planned “thing” to spend time with a friend. Make a commitment to do your part to develop your friendships apart from just our gatherings.

Monthly Events

At least once a month, we gather for exciting events to break away from the normal and to just simply be with each other. Seriously, you’ll have a blast! So check out what’s happening this month!

Let’s Meet Up!

Any one of our leaders would LOVE to meet up with you and just hang out! If you’re wanting to just talk to someone, hang out with someone, or just have fun, contact us and we’d love to be with you! If you have an idea for a fun get-together, then contact some other students and see who would be available.

Serve in a Ministry

A great way to get connected is to “get to work” with others. Faith Church needs you! The Bible clearly teaches: everyone is gifted and called by God to serve. Serving is a great way to get connected. We have a few ways that you can get plugged in, so click the button below to get plugged in.

Stay in the Loop