At Faith Church, we believe that our God is a good Father and that His desire is to communicate with us, His children. One of the ways He does that is through prayer - simple conversations with God.  Our Transformational Prayer Ministry offers several environments to experience the power of prayer:

The Sunday Morning Prayer Team serves during the worship service to pray with anyone who has a need.  We love agreeing with you in prayer and believing that God hears and answers.

Every Sunday, we offer Prayer Request cards to everyone attending the worship service.  Once a week, the Prayer Card Team meets to gather these requests and pray over them individually.  We feel honored to go to God with your requests and love it when we hear back from you with a praise report.

The Transformational Prayer Ministry also offers personal Freedom Prayer Sessions.  These are designed to help individuals who may be seeking clarity in their lives and desire to hear from God more clearly.

If you would like to join the Sunday Morning Prayer Team, hit "Join the Team" below. If you would like more info about receiving prayer, fill out the form below.

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